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Board of Directors

Founding President
Samuel Ruiz García

Miguel Álvarez Gándara

Alberto Solís Castro

Lourdes Toussaint Loera

Olinca Marino Uribe

Email address serapaz@serapaz.org.mx / serapaz_ocosingo@serapaz.org.mx

Main Office in the Mexico City: Patricio Sanz 449, Col. del Valle, CP 03100
Tel. (55) 55433660 o 55230492
Regional Office in Ocosingo, Chiapas: 1a av. Sur no. 123, Barrio San Sebastián CP 29950
Tel. (919) 6732071 (919) 6732071

What is SERAPAZ?

SERAPAZ is an independent, non-profit Mexican civil society organization. It provides services for the peaceful transformation of social conflicts through the following areas of work: facilitation and networking of community-based processes and initiatives, research and publication, training, consultation, advocacy and accompaniment to peace-building processes.
SERAPAZ was created to provide administrative and financial support to the mediation work of the Comisión Nacional de Intermediación (CONAI). In June 1998 when its work was completed, CONAI transferred the mediation and civil networking work for peace to SERAPAZ.
Since then we had seen a constant increase and polarization of social conflicts, as a product of a social structures that generate inequality and exclusion. Thus, we aim strengthen the capacity of social actors to become protagonists in the positive transformation of conflict in a way that results in just, constructive, democratic and non-violent solutions.
With this purpose, SERAPAZ does the following: fosters dialog with diverse political and social actors involved in the causes of social conflict and necessary solutions, facilitates initiatives for inclusive dialogues, promotes participatory processes with input from civil society to establish new social relations.

SERAPAZ has worked in conflict-transformation processes in many states in the country: Oaxaca, Guerrero, the State of Mexico, the Federal District, Hidalgo, Morelos, Michoacán, Chihuahua, Jalisco among others.


SERAPAZ participates in diverse processes for the positive transformation of social conflicts through the following services
Communication and Distribution Advises to increase the public visibility of social actors in the media and in social networks.
Dialogs and Mediation process
Management of channels and processes of mediation between civil and institutional actors in situations of social conflict
Research and analysis Systematization and analysis of conflict processes and key social actors in Mexico. Specific consulting work: Consultation with social actors to analyze and define strategic directions in the mediation process of a specific conflicts.

Mediation and facilitation
Facilitate mediation according to the particular needs of each case when both parties agree to a process that will lead to a resolution. Also the facilitation of space, networking process and public dialogues.

Integrated strategic accompaniment for social actors in conflictive processes:
Accompanying processes with a combination of the various SERAPAZ services: analysis, strategic planning, training, advocacy, and mediation, at all stages including prevention, crisis, and resolution.

What is School for Peace?

The Peace School is an educational initiative that aims to foster a change in attitudes and strengthen the capacity of social actors to positively transform conflicts and to be protagonists in the process of social change.
The Peace School is primarily for social actors that are facing conflicts in different regions in the country. The participants come from social organizations, community radios, indigenous communities, civil society organizations, pastoral positions, Christian-based communities, and other non-governmental entities.
The Peace School has a flexible curriculum and is delivered in various ways according to the specific process needs of the participants. It is offered in four regular modules over the course of a year, in specific workshops, and in regional schools.

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